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The lack of maintenance in a building causes dirty windows and facades, creating a poor impression on customers and employees. Cleaning windows is often skipped on by busy offices, for various reasons.

The Northampton Window Cleaning professionals are highly experienced and skilled and ready to provide expert services for commercial window cleaning, using the newest technology and best equipment.

Our team in Northampton will address window cleaning in all types of office buildings and blocks, shopping centres, shops, schools and restaurants. We know that clean windows are essential for your establishment's exterior, so we will make sure to render the best results every time.

The benefits of hiring Window Cleaning Northampton for commercial window cleaning

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Our team includes certified professionals who know how to turn dirty windows to clean and crystal clear windows. Our window cleaners will consider the requests of commercial clients, obtaining superior results each time.

Window Cleaners Northampton will handle the most difficult to reach windows, no matter their shapes, sizes, and type. The benefits of hiring our team are listed below:

Durable results

Anyone can wash some windows, but our professionals use solutions and equipment to keep your windows sparking clean for a longer time.

Strain resist windows

Our technicians will know which tools and supplies to use and not leave streaks on your commercial facility windows.

Deep cleaning

It would help if you had the commercial building windows cleaned regularly in order not to need replacement soon.

Reduce the risk of damage

When you hire our professionals for regular commercial window cleaning, you reduce the risk of permanent damage. Our team keeps the windows free of mould and dirt, which may affect air movement.

Easy and affordable

Hiring our professionals for commercial window cleaning saves your money, time and effort. We only use the best products and methods to make your windows last for many years.

Contact our team for the details.

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Window Cleaners Northampton commercial window cleaning process

Our professionals have dealt with various commercial window cleaning jobs in Northampton and surroundings, knowing which steps to take for every commercial building. They’re ready to make the necessary adjustments and pick the bests supplies, tools, and equipment for every location. Here are the main steps

Collect the supplies

Our professionals will begin by collecting the window cleaning supplies such as:

  • Cleaning equipment
  • High-quality window cleaning solutions
  • Utility buckets
  • Window cleaning scraper
  • Microfiber cloth and so on

The methods

Our professionals will decide which methods will give the best results for your commercial application. Here are some of the ways:

Window pressure washing

We will perform window pressure washing services with pure and demineralized water to make everything clean.

Rope access

Our window cleaners will use the rope access method to don’t create any streaks while washing the windows.

Water fed pole system

We will use a water fed pole system for multi-story buildings, as we want to leave all windows clean.

The hand cleaning process

The professionals at Window Cleaners Northampton only use high-quality detergent for cleaning. We develop an environmental-friendly process and leave no spots behind. The method includes several stages:

Rubbing & scrubbing

Our cleaners rub and scrub all the difficult stains and grease marks on windows, leaving them shiny and clean.


We will ensure to dry out any water from any corner of the windows, for the shiniest look. We will wipe it all so that you're pleased with the results.

Commercial window cleaning for specific businesses

We are aware of every commercial establishment’s specifics, and we will select the supplies, tools, and methods for each space. Our list of commercial window cleaning services includes:

  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Storefront window washing
  • Retail stores
  • Office buildings

How often should you hire our team in Northampton for commercial window cleaning?

Several factors impact the frequency of commercial window cleaning. Call our Window Cleaning Northampton experts to set a meeting and initial inspection. Our professionals will decide how often you should call them for commercial window cleaning, with much consideration to the following aspects:


If your commercial building is in high-traffic areas, your commercial windows will require professional cleaning more often.


In areas with a lot of rain, the windows will get more streaks and debris, so more frequent professional cleaning is necessary.


Landscaping is essential for dirt and pollution. If your commercial establishment is close to a parking lot, you will have to contact our team for cleaning more often.


Your building's structure is also essential, and some architectural details will make dirt and debris collect more.

Customized window washing options

We are the most reliable company providing customized window washing options for commercial window cleaning in Northampton, using the newest techniques and supplies.

Moreover, our cleaners always value safety while working and only turn to the safest equipment and tools. Our team comprises expert mineral stain removals so that we provide no hydrofluoric acid procedures.

Contact our Representatives and Order Window Cleaning Services for Your Commercial Application

The team at Window Cleaning Northampton is highly experienced but never stops training either. They take all commercial applications, regardless the size, type, or shape of the building, aiming for best results every time.

Give us a call to find out more and get a fair quote about our commercial window cleaning services.

We also provide: residential window cleaning, gutter cleaning, soffit cleaning, patio and siding power wash cleaning.

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