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Exterior Pressure Washing

For centuries, water has been the main element used for cleaning, but that doesn’t mean that relying on rainwater to clean the exterior of a house or building is a good idea. Rainwater contains atmospheric pollutants and minerals that damage and stain exterior surfaces, together with biological growth and extreme temperatures.

Window Cleaning Northampton uses water at its maximum potential with pressure to obtain most impressive cleaning results. We provide exterior pressure washing services in Northampton and nearby areas. Our technicians will use pressure washing to clean the exterior hard surfaces of your property, commercial and domestic.

Exterior pressure washing services from Northampton Window Cleaners

Our technicians will use pressure washing equipment to clean patio, walls, driveways, removing all algae and dirt and restore it like new. The results are always excellent, and our team is highly experienced, cleaning anything from precast paving to Indian sandstone.

Pressure washing for exterior surfaces represents the most effective procedure to clean them and give them a fresh look.

Our team is trained and experienced

Our professionals at Northampton Window Cleaners have been providing exterior cleaning and pressure washing services for buildings, multi-story car parks for several years. They can use a van installed pressure washer for cleaning larger areas. If you’re looking for the best pressure washing company in Northampton, our team is the best.

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Call us to set a meeting with our professionals; they will also give you all the details and provide a fair quote for the job. Our technicians will remove all kinds of organic matter, atmospheric contaminants, man-made pollutants from all surfaces, stone, concrete, cladding, and brick. Our technicians are highly experienced so they will know how to adjust the pressure for best results. They will know when to use hot or cold water, steam while pressure washing the exterior of your house/commercial building.

Benefits of hiring our professionals

Pressure washing is one of the best methods for cleaning the exterior of your house/building. When the team at Window Cleaners Northampton pressure washes the outer surfaces, you will notice essential benefits.

Longer lifespan for your building

Grime, dirt, mould, and mildew will cause decay, rot, and premature damage to the building materials, forcing you to hire professionals for expensive renovations and replacements.

Hiring our team for regular pressure washing will reduce the spending on repairs. You should contact our team for quarterly or bi-annual power wash services for the exterior of your building.

Remove urban pollutants

Due to the car exhaust pollution, establishing downtown, close to chemical plants or busy freeways will become very dirty. Our experienced pressure washing experts will recommend the best supplies for safely and efficiently remove the pollutant residues from your house/commercial building.

Reduce mould and allergens

High humidity and temperatures can cause mould and mildew growth in establishments. The effect poses a risk for the health of your family members, employees, or customers. Hire our team for regular pressure washing to maintain the risk of mould growth to a minimal.

Only professionals obtain best results

Our Window Cleaners Northampton technicians are experienced and know which tools and supplies to use for your property from the initial examination. It's never a good idea to pressure wash patios, driveways on your own- you may ruin the surfaces, which leads to expensive repairs.

Our technicians will use the newest equipment, but also best supplies according to the surface's specifics. We use industrial-grade equipment, and our technicians are trained to use the safest chemical supplies for best cleaning results, without damaging the landscape nearby.

We clean more than the building

We will address all the exterior surfaces that require pressure washing, concrete driveways, parking lots, paved driveways, patios, etc.

Our technicians know that concrete cleaning requires different chemicals than the building's exterior surface; they will choose the best chemicals every time.

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Hot or cold pressure washing services

Pressure washing patios, driveways and brickwork requires careful planning and in-depth consideration of your application's particularities. The Window Cleaning Northampton team has to decide if they have to use a hot or cold pressure washer, as various kinds of surfaces will require different water temperatures for obtaining most excellent results.

At times, our professionals will have to consider WAHR (working at height regulations) as pressure washing will occur at a high level. Regardless of your building's particularities, our professionals will always know which tools and temperature settings to use for best cleaning results.

Types of surfaces our technicians will pressure wash

Our technicians will perform the most effective pressure washing for exterior surfaces like:

Patios and driveways

Pressure washing of driveways and patios is affordable and practical for renewing the hard surfaces areas' appearance. Block paving and paving slabs are some of the areas that require regular cleaning for durability and great looks.

Walls and brickwork

Our technicians will safely access the high rise establishments for cleaning; they use specialist rope access. They will use cold or hot water so that your building looks very clean without scaffolding.

High rise & abseiling

Thanks to our rope access team, high rise establishments can also be cleaners. Our team will use the safest equipment to perform effective pressure washing.

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The Window Cleaning Northampton team is committed to the highest standards so they will use the best supplies and procedures for pressure washing the exterior of any building. Our technicians are the most experienced and trained in Northampton to know how to work safely and efficiently for the best results every time.

We also provide: residential window cleaning, shop window cleaning, gutter cleaning, fascia cleaning, solar panel cleaning.

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