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Roof Cleaning Services and Moss Removal Wellingborough

As a responsible homeowner, you must keep your house nice and tidy with regular cleaning. The list of cleaning tasks is extended when you live in a house, including everything from washing the windows to cleaning the gutters before winter. You also have to check your roof from time to time as it’s one place that can cause many problems in your house.

We perform roof cleaning and we strongly recommend you hire experienced professionals such as us for the job. Climbing to the top of a house or a garage is risky and you need to be extremely careful when doing it. We firmly believe in leaving roof cleaning jobs to skilled professionals.

At Wellingborough cleaners, we have a rich experience, excellent skills, and the most complete equipment to expand the lifespan of your roof. Call us today at 01604 279112.

Serving: Northampton, Wellingborough, Rushden, Long Buckby, Moulton, Brixworth, Daventry, Roade, Towcester, Silverstone, and all in-between!

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    Your one stop for roof cleaning

    before and after moss cleaning

    Wellingborough Window Cleaners is a professional roof cleaning company that handles roof cleaning jobs in Wellingborough and surrounding areas. Cleaning the roof from time to time is an essential aspect of commercial and residential property maintenance. The most obvious reason is that it makes the house more appealing-- have your roof cleaned to make a good impression. Mould, lichen, algae, and moss require removal as they alter the roof's condition in time. Sometimes, the north and west sides of the roof get less sun and heat. The shady sides generate biomass, soot, and dirt build-up and represent reasons why a building absorbs less heat.

    Additionally, roof cleaning prevents water damage, helps downpipes and gutters remain functional, and improves the health of your roof. Details come next.

    Wellingborough Roof Cleaners remove mould, mildew, algae, etc.

    In time, algae, moss, mildew, mould, debris, stains, dirt, and leaves build up on the roof. Air pollution and weather also alter the roof, which is essential for the integrity of the house's structure. Inspecting and cleaning your roof improves its appearance, condition, and durability.

    Algae can reduce the efficiency of tiles and shingles. Lichen and black algae can affect the cooling/heating abilities of the roof. Additionally, they can alter the house's energy efficiency. When the roof cannot do its job correctly, your HVAC system works harder and less efficiently, which increases your energy bills and lowers comfort.

    It extends the lifespan of the roof

    A roof clean will extend the durability and reliability of the shingles and roof materials. Algae and moss can damage specific roof tile materials. Moss will make the asphalt shingles curl wet and increase the risk of falling in high winds. The situation is dangerous for your health and safety, not only for the roof. When you have the roof clean, you take care of your house and the family you care for.

    It's necessary when you have trees around the house

    Bird droppings, falling branches and leaves, and debris can alter the roof's appearance and integrity. Roof cleaning instantly revitalises the looks of your home. It's much needed when you have trees surrounding your property. It's also more affordable than repairs and replacing the roof that will be necessary when not cleaned accordingly.

    It improves the curb appeal

    Whether you plan to sell or just want to improve your house's curb appeal, having the roof cleaned is one of the best decisions to make. Hiring professionals for such services are affordable and can even increase your house's sale price.

    How Will Your Roof Look Like after roof cleaning?

    Cleaning the roof is good for your roof and for your entire house's appearance. After our team at Roof Cleaners Wellingborough removes moss and lichen, the house will look impeccable and attractive again.

    The most crucial benefit of roof professional service and cleaning is cosmetic. You often jet wash your driveways, wash the windows, mow the lawn, but forget that roof needs proper TLC as well. No matter if you plan to sell your house soon or you want to make it looks its best, roof cleaning should be on your to-do list.

    On top of everything else, cleaning the roof will expand its durability. Moss, lichen, dirt, and other debris can collect on shady areas which reduces the amount of heat that the house can absorb. When you skip cleaning, the roof will cause dampness, which decreases the house's energy efficiency and increases the heating bills.

    Once our team in Wellingborough is done, the roof is clean, treated, and looks like new. Roof tiles are bright and you can see their original colour. No matter the age of your house, proper roof cleaning will enhance its curb appeal and benefit the house's structure.

    Don't hesitate to call the best cleaners for roof cleaning in Wellingborough. Every roof cleaner in our team is professionally trained, experienced, and skilled in manually scraping roof moss to stop organic growth. It's one of the most time-consuming aspects of our work. We aim to prevent moss and lichen spores from growing back and give your roof the perfectly finished effect.

    Should you clean your roof?

    Roof cleaning is one of the most essential parts of the house outside maintenance. Regardless of what you may have heard, high pressure washing and jet washing can damage the roof. All roofers highlight the necessity of cleaning to expand the roofing system's lifespan, no matter if they're metal roofs, asphalt shingles, etc. Roofs cleaned once a year, gutter cleaning, and repairing loose/absent tiles will help the roof last for the longest time.

    Even if roof cleaning isn't the most challenging task around the house, it still requires equipment, skills, and knowledge. We don't recommend you clean your roof; leave it to professionals for the most effective results. Wellingborough Cleaners is one of the most reliable teams to hire in the Wellingborough area and our services come at a reasonable price.

    cleaning technician on roof

    The roof cleaning process at Wellingborough Roof Cleaners

    After we clean your roof, it will look pristinely clean and last for the longest time. Cleaning the roof on your own is an ambitious project which we don't particularly recommend. A roof cleaning company like ours has the knowledge, equipment, and experienced cleaners to properly care for your roof without causing any damage. We pay attention to the most minute detail and stick to a comprehensive process that leaves your roof cleaner than ever.

    Step 1- examination

    Please get in touch with our team at Window Cleaners Wellingborough for roof cleaning. A team member will schedule a meeting when it suits you; he/she will also offer a free quotation for the job. We recommend you contact the roof cleaning specialists as they can detect any light damage on your roof. They will advise you what to do next (repair or replace the damaged parts). We will kindly ask you to move vehicles out of the way. We will carefully observe the roof and see if we should start with repair work. When cleaning the roof, our local roof cleaners don't cause any damage to the landscaping.

    Step 2- scraping

    Our roof technicians use mobile scaffold platforms or ladders and removal scarping tools to remove all debris, dirt, moss and residue found on your roof. We don't rush in the cleaning process and our experienced cleaners use custom-made shingle scrapers (they will match every shingle).

    While we manage roof cleaning, we remove dirt from the gutters. Our professionals take it away from your property. If you want to use the moss and soil for mulch in your garden, we can save it for you.

    Step 3- low-pressure steam cleaning

    Some professionals use steam cleaning, so they no longer need to walk on the roof. This isn't the only benefit of steam cleaning the roof. We recommend low steam pressure washing for roofs; it will remove all dirt and stain from the roof.

    Besides, low-pressure washers don't cause any damage to the shingles nor the integrity of the protective layer. It's an excellent method to eliminate algae, lichens, and stains as it also kills their root system.

    Step 4- use biocide

    Biocide is a substance that kills and stops moss, algae, fungi, mould, mildew and organic substances from growing. Also known as bio-wash, the biocide inhibits mould and keeps at distance harmful organics.

    The biocide treatment's effects stay active for a long time. Our cleaners apply the treatment that removes the most stubborn stains and doesn't allow moss and mould to grow. On top of everything else, the method is cheap, fast, and leads to amazing effects.

    Step 5- clean up

    We assure you of our roof technicians' excellent skills in eliminating all debris from the gutter line. Besides a clean roof, you won't even know our team was there!

    How long does it take to clean roof tiles?

    The size of the roof and its condition make for the main factors affecting the length of the cleaning process. For instance, when moss has deeply influenced the roof's condition, the moss removal process will take longer than with a roof slightly affected. Additionally, the type of access to the roof tiles weighs in. Professionals can clean the roof from ground level with extendable poles; using a cherry picker is also possible, but it's more time-consuming.

    The professionals at Wellingborough Window Cleaners work fast and complete a roof cleaning job between 1 and 3 days. One of the most time-consuming parts of roof cleaning is the clean-up afterwards. Our technicians will remove algae and mossy build-up from your property and make sure not to cause pollution when handling biocide and bleach for cleaning. We follow all safety regulations so that nobody and nothing is affected throughout the cleaning.

    At Wellingborough Roof Cleaners, we have the equipment, skills, and experience to complete the roof cleaning as fast as possible. Moreover, we make sure that you have a pleasant experience with us from beginning to end.

    pressure cleaning technician on roof

    Contact Wellingborough Roof Cleaners for moss removal

    Moss are flowerless and small plants that commonly expand in eco-friendly globs. Since moss doesn't have origins, it needs a damp setting to grow. Typically, it will grow in a dubious climate. Roof cleaning will remove moss because our roof cleaning service is complete. Here are the reasons to opt for moss removal:


    Moss can deeply and profoundly alter the appearance of your roof and the house's curb appeal. Our Roof Cleaning Wellingborough team can complete your cleaning work with excellent roof cleaning. If you're planning to sell soon, removing the moss from the roof can increase the sale price. Your roof will gain its original colour back and give your house a nicer appearance.

    clean lichen free roof tiles vs mossy tiles

    Reduce damage to tiles

    A large amount of lichen (white spots) can create holes and cracks in the tiles. White lichen is tricky to remove and even a chemical treatment will give results only after a few months. Pressure washing may be necessary to remove it altogether.

    No more moss cleaning

    Moss falls on the patio and driveway and you, need to sweep them frequently. Sometimes, there's so much moss on the roof that it's falling daily. Professional roof cleaning is the most effective way to get rid of it. In such situations, the gutters are already full and cause damp and drainage problems.

    Fewer roof repairs

    Roof moss can affect roof repair work and roofers request moss removal from the roof before they proceed. Large amounts of moss can hide severe roof issues, and it's crucial to begin with moss removal.

    Cleaning roof is one of the many tasks you need to cover as a responsible homeowner. At the same time, it's not a task to do on your own and hiring professionals is the wisest decision. Contact Wellingborough Cleaners for information on our work and costs for our roof exterior cleaning services.

    We use soft washing methods (chemical cleaning) and pressure washing to clean the roods together. We can decide the method most appropriate for your roof's condition, your budget, and preferences. feel free to ask any question about the roof cleaning process-- we're happy to provide you with all the answers you need! Our roof technicians are experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled. Should they decide your roof requires repair work and/or replacement, we will advise you what to do next for your roof.

    How much does the roof cleaning service cost?

    The size and condition of the roof make the most critical factors that affect the final cost. When you call us, we can offer an obligation quote and our services come at fair and competitive rates. We can use Google Earth to measure the roof and decide the methods for cleaning.

    Domestic dwellings

    Typically, domestic roof cleaning services range between £450-£1450. Residential roof cleaning jobs are more affordable than commercial roof cleaning.


    Commercial roofs are made with materials that require less time, energy, and work than residential roofs. Contact us for information about our methods and rates. 

    Frequently Asked Questions about Roof Cleaning

    Will the roofer walk around the roof?

    The cleaners at Wellingborough Window Cleaners use ladders or mobile scaffold platforms so that they no longer need to walk on the roof. Walking on a roof is dangerous for the roof technicians and the roof as it can cause severe damage. Our cleaners use lance technology so that the whole process goes safely and efficiently. We will reach difficult areas such as around the chimney and clean every square foot of the roof.

    What are the black spots on your roof?

    The black spots on a roof could be Gloeocapsa magma. It's an alga that feeds on various shingle materials and generates long-term damage. The black organic substance doesn't just make the roof unsightly, but it also reflects heat and reduces your house's ability to maintain heat. As a result, you will use the heating system more often than before and you will pay high energy bills.

    Our Northampton Roof Cleaners are experts in removing the black spots from your roof as quickly as possible. Our methods are efficient and we can change your roof's whole appearance for the better.

    Can roof cleaning damage the roof?

    The professionals at Wellingborough Roof Cleaners are in the know about roof cleaning. We have been in the Wellingborough roof cleaning industry for many years and we are fully insured and qualified. We will use the tools and methods most appropriate for your roof and make sure we don't cause any damage. Roof cleaning is a risky job and only reliable professionals can do it with excellent results.

    Call us for a free no-obligation quote

    Our cleaners at Wellingborough Window Cleaners are committed and go above and beyond to leave every roof cleaner than ever before. We know that roof cleaning can disrupt your daily activities, but we make sure that our roof cleaning process is a stress-free experience with us. When we’re on the roof, we will carefully examine the roof and let you know if the roof and gutters require repairs or additional work.

    Please get in touch with us for further details on roof cleaning. We will come when it suits you the best and give you a beautiful clean roof.

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    We are also serving these areas around Northampton:

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